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Is it bad to build a forum on a genre that is overused?

Welcome to my first article. I am going to tell you about myself as I hope to become a regular blogger. I am a web-year-old web developer, that loves the color blue hehe! I am 23 and I live in New Zealand.

I have run many different forums in the...
By Aaron
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Google AdSense - What NOT to do!

Google AdSense is a mythical creature. Their policies are so long and technical, that it seems almost impossible to know for certain what you can and cannot do whilst using the service. This article will enable you to know some of the main...
By Grumpy
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The Lack of Passion

I joined the web community back in 2006. This is where the internet was still a fairly new thing. High speed internet had just erupted over the web and people were going wild. Websites started spewing up all over the internet and it was great. I...
By Kino
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Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Staff Member

Today, I am going to explain how you may pick the perfect staff member. Everyone wants the best for their forum. There are two ways that you could hire a staff member, and I will be explaining the two ways.

Applications: You should have a...
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How to Use The phpBB ACP

Today, I wish to help you learn how to use the ACP, with the phpBB Forum Software. I will be covering a few items that I think you would like to know how to do, if you are having issues with creating certain things through the ACP.

If you scroll...
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How to Use the Basics of the MyBB ACP

In this tutorial, I will explain how to use the basics of the MyBB Administration Control Panel.

When you login into your forum, you will notice in the corner of the forum three buttons: User CP, Mod CP and Admin CP. Click on the Admin CP to...
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By John
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Recent Brivium Hacking Case & How You Can Prevent It

Online Security is becoming more and more of an issue today. Hackers and crackers seem to be more and more common. If you're following the admin community as closely as I do, you've probably been aware of the recent issue involving Brivium and...
By John
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Site Battles Madness - Interview with Pandaa

Sorry for the delay on the second interview regarding the Site Battles in our March Madness, replies to the interviews took longer than expected.

I would like to thank Pandaa for agreeing to this interview. He is part of the Community Team, and...