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    I am Hostforweb representative, Hello to all members

    Welcome to the forums. What type of hosting do you offer? Our company manages dedicated and virtual servers, with only a few shared hosting accounts for some of the smaller clients. Most are on their own VPS at the very least. I would definitely be interested in seeing what your offers are :)
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    Forum Theme Designs Ruin Online Communities

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    How to Properly Sell VIP Memberships on Your Website

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    Free Premium Icons For Your Website

    No problem guys! I hope this will help others find some icons :) There's no reason to leave a forum or website with default icons or no icons. Use some premium icons that are also free :)
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    Closed domain for sale

    hmm I may be interested in General Chat because I have I'll let you know SHoot me a private message in a week or two
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    Building an Email/Social Media List for Expensive Niches

    Yes, absolutely. We actually use Google's business suite tools & their mailing servers for ours. It protects us from a lot of spam and although it puts reliance on Google, it actually does help with our daily operations. We can share docs, rely on anti-spam & also not being flagged as spam, use...
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    Free Premium Icons For Your Website

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    Building an Email/Social Media List for Expensive Niches

    You can build a web crawler to detect websites with slow connection speeds or other server related errors. You can set up the crawler to identify email addresses listed on the site to automatically add them to a list, or even grab a business name/number and give them a call. We did something...
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    Connected Forums

    Yeah, I laid out a lot of bullet points because I hope someone can take this idea and make a great service, or I can have it here for reference if I get around to it in the future :) Sorry so much reading though! 1) Well, the Hub will only retrieve threads/posts that are published to your site...
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    Connected Forums

    Maybe a warning could be displayed, but a full block is probably against the rules for plugins on the official plugin sites. You would have to make the plugin remove, alter, or break the update related scripts which isn't really a good idea. It would function like any other forum plugin - if you...
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    Connected Forums

    Well, once it's released it would really just come down to patching any initial bugs. Once that is done it wouldn't really randomly break unless the main web server or databases went down. Then from there it would just be plugin updates going forward with the main Hub server staying nearly the...
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    Connected Forums

    Yes, those are good enterprise solutions for sure. However, my idea for the Hub would not be a forum software or website. It would just help the forums connect by using a complex series of API end points. Yes, it is definitely possible to do. It would take a lot of time and effort, but at the...
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    Connected Forums

    I have always had this idea in my head that something drastic must be done to make forums more popular, or at least bring them closer to where they were throughout the 90s and early 2000's. The idea I have essentially would allow forums to connect to each other, sharing members and even threads...
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    Subdomain Question?

    Personally I think that /community is better because it forces users to start typing in your domain name to visit it in a browser. Otherwise they would just type in "comm..." and probably click the automatic suggestions from their browser, which lowers the chance they remember your domain name...
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    Ask Me Something And I Probably Won't Answer It(But maybe I will...)

    Well, many people refer to segments of code as blocks of code. Have you ever competed in a sport or competition in which you were predicted to lose (perhaps a race), but you won?