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    Brainstorming: company name

    Hello there, how are you all? :) i am currently in need to merge two services I created into one... to have a complete project management online tool (files, tickets, customer support, invoicing, webmail, etc...) the problem is that I have no idea of a possible name for the new brand AND a...
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    [Name ideas] Ticketing service

    Hello, I am planning to start a web service for ticketing (such as zendesk, freshdesk, ostickets, etc..) - and I would like to hear your opinions about a possible name and about the idea itself what do you think? o_O
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    Project management software: Looking for help and staff members

    Hello everybody, I am starting to develop a new service for ticketing (examples: freshdesk, zendesk, etc...) and I would like to know if anyone is interestedin being part of our team! Basically all the positions are available... it is the birth of everything :) ——...
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    [Free] Developer/Community Manager/SEO expert in change of your help

    Hello, I am a student that in last 8 years has worked for different companies on the net, and that learned a lot in coding languages, SEO techniques, Webmaster tools, etc.. I currently code in Php/MySQL/CSS/Html/Javascript/Jquery + Framework Bootstrap/MaterializeDesign. I am currently looking...
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    ADS: Google vs Twitter vs Facebook

    Hello, i would like to get started with some ads campaigns to have my website/online-service known by people.. :) There are different services, such as: Facebook ads for business Twitter ads Google adsense / Adwords I would like to hear your opinions about these services.. and which ones you...
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    Brave browser

    Hello, a friend of mine forwarded me this new browser, so I decided to share it with you :) There's a new startup called "Brave" that Brendan Eich founded. It's a web browser with built in blockers for intrusive ads and trackers, so if you're using an adblocker I'd...
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    [OPEN] Hiring Community manager, Beta Testers and Translators

    Hello everybody We have recently launched in open Beta a new startup project. All this project is centered about translations and multilingual communities. We are currently looking at two kind of people (see profiles): Beta Tester As a beta tester you will have access to our preproduction...
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    Facebook ads: feedbacks

    Hello everybody I have heard of Facebook ADS, but I never considered that.. is anyone here having experience with that? Do you suggest you? Is it really good for your audience ? Did it bring you new members ? Thanks in advance!
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    Backlinking a brand new domain

    Good point @jacksonwsa this would be useful to me too :P
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    Welcome to me :)

    Hello everybody my name is Niko, and I am a webdeveloper + webdesigner. Introductions are always difficult because you never know what to say.. so maybe I can talk about my experience ? I started 7 years ago on a forum hosting service and that helped me a lot with my coding and technical...
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    Translations Cloud: create your own free translator

    Hello forumpromotion members, what I am promoting for affiliation Swap is our new web service called Translations Cloud Link: What types of forums you want to affiliate with: Any (better if related to the main topic) But what is Translations Cloud ? (some...