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  1. IntoxNitram

    WTB Hiring Paid Posters

    I sent a PM about it but you didn’t get back. If you want my services feel free to message.
  2. IntoxNitram

    How many websites have you owned/do own now?

    Owned way too many to count in the 10+ years I have done this, but I currently own 0 and don't see myself creating a new one anytime soon.
  3. IntoxNitram

    Paid - $ Talented Bloggers Needed - Cash Paid

    I’d be more than willing to write some articles for you. Please PM me with some more information.
  4. IntoxNitram

    Forum Promotion Shop - Upgrades, Sponsorship, and More

    Display Name Change: Old Display Name: PFdiscuss New Display Name: IntoxNitram Expected Total: 250
  5. IntoxNitram

    Sold Looking to sell DiscussPF

    Sold. This can now be closed.
  6. IntoxNitram

    Sold Looking to sell DiscussPF

    I have the forum with 2.5k posts, a domain (nearly expired) and a custom theme. I can sell all together as a package or items separately depending on your needs (ideally for at least in the later stages or $XX total, as I have spent over $300 on it but realise it isn’t worth that as of yet)...
  7. IntoxNitram

    Paid - $ Looking for work

    Have replied to your PM, thanks for the interest.
  8. IntoxNitram

    Selling Forum Posting/Blog Commenting/Article Writing Services ($PayPal)

    I am a professional and experienced individual when it comes to content creation online. I have years of experience in both writing articles and writing comments for forums or blogs. I am now offering this service to all at the Forum Promotion community in return for $USD or £GBP via PayPal. I...
  9. IntoxNitram

    Paid - $ Looking for work

    Hi, I am an experienced and professional individual looking for paid forum or blog work. I am really open to any role, but mainly administration and moderation. I can provide active staffing throughout the weekdays but likely won't get much online time during the weekend. Levels of pay will be...
  10. IntoxNitram

    Post/Topic Exchange with TEH.GG

    5/5 with DiscussPF? (link in sig) If so, do your side and then I will do mine.
  11. IntoxNitram

    Selling Selling High Quality Forum Topics and Replies [Closed]

    Send me a PM if you can do posts in the personal finance genre.
  12. IntoxNitram

    Post Exchanges Wanted

    Will do my side very soon. Edit - Done my side too.
  13. IntoxNitram

    Chat Central Post Exchange

    @Flannagan1992 my 5 is also completed now. Thanks :)
  14. IntoxNitram

    Post Exchanges Wanted

    Done my 5 too. Yeah sure I'm down for another 5.
  15. IntoxNitram

    Chat Central Post Exchange

    Will do mine soon, sorry for the delay.
  16. IntoxNitram

    Post Exchanges

    Also awaiting my side of the 10, just as a reminder :)
  17. IntoxNitram

    Post Exchanges Wanted

    Sure however I likely won’t be able to get round to it until Monday.
  18. IntoxNitram

    Hosting Chatter - Post Exchange

    I’ve only got a few posts of our 40/40 left to do. Let me know where you’re up to.
  19. IntoxNitram

    Smokey's exchanges. 1/1, 5/5,10/10,25/25.

    @Smokey you haven’t finished the 10 in DiscussPF yet
  20. IntoxNitram

    Post Exchanges

    Done 10 (+ a couple more) as Martin again :)