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  1. TDK

    75,000 Posts on WeTheGamers

    WeTheGamers has in the last day or so surpassed 75,000 community posts in less than 13 months! I would like to thank all of those here on FP who have contributed to the fun we have had - and continue to have - on our little forum :D
  2. TDK

    WeTheGamers - 50,000 Posts

    I'm excited to announce that we've just tonight reached 50,000 community posts on WeTheGamers, and in just a little over 6 months since creation. :D
  3. TDK

    WeTheGamers 6 Month Anniversary

    Today marks the six month anniversary for WeTheGamers! While I knew it would be a challenge in today's day and age of social media preference back on the 21st of March when I created it, I have to admit I've had a lot of fun along the way since that day. I'm proud of what we've accomplished in...
  4. TDK

    35,000 Posts on WeTheGamers

    Just today, exactly one month after we reached our milestone of 25,000 posts on WeTheGamers, we've reached yet another milestone as a community, this one being 35,000 posts! And in under five months! I would like to thank everyone here on FP who have helped us reach such a goal once again, and...
  5. TDK

    Solved Errors?

    Has anyone else been hit with a ton of errors this morning while attempting to access FP? Every second or third page load I'm receiving 503 errors suggesting the server is overloaded.
  6. TDK

    30,000 Posts on WeTheGamers

    The community on WeTheGamers has just hit another milestone this morning, this one being 30,000 posts in a little over 4 months! I'd like to thank everyone here on FP who have helped out once again, and invite those who still haven't joined to do so. You needn't be a gamer to enjoy yourself in...
  7. TDK

    Content Theft

    How do most of you feel if/when you've ever come across anything you've posted on your own forums or here on FP on another forum, copied word for word by another individual without any credit given? One such forum that I've seen does this quite often and it's honestly very off-putting, for...
  8. TDK

    Mom arrested for towing kids in wagon behind car

  9. TDK

    25,000 Posts on WeTheGamers

    We've just this past weekend hit the 25,000 post milestone on WeTheGamers! I'd like to thank everyone here on FP who has taken the time to check us out, sign up and participate in becoming a part of the community! Thank you, guys and girls :D As I've mentioned before, for those of you who...
  10. TDK

    George A. Romero has passed away, aged 77

    George A. Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' creator, has passed away at the age of 77.
  11. TDK

    Completed WeTheGamers .vs. Sugoi Desu

    Site Name: WeTheGamers Genre of Site: Gaming, Entertainment Link to Site: Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Forum Extra Notes (Optional): Good luck!
  12. TDK

    Completed WeTheGamers

    Site URL: Package: Ruby Package Total posts on your forum: 23,132 Packager Preferences: May I ask that @Jason76 not work on this package considering we currently have an exchange in progress? Area Preferences: Any areas you are comfortable posting in...
  13. TDK

    Photobucket 3rd Party Hosting

    Chances are you've come across a website or forum today with many broken image links thanks to PhotoBucket's decision to change its terms and conditions, removing the 3rd Party Hosting feature from the lower subscription tiers. What this means is if you're a member and would like to continue...
  14. TDK

    20,000 Posts on WeTheGamers

    In a little over three months we've managed to accumulate 20,000 posts over on WeTheGamers. It's been an exciting time to say the least, and if you've been watching the stock market here on FP you'll have seen the stock price for WTG soar to unimaginable heights! As I've mentioned before...
  15. TDK

    Canadian Military Sniper makes kill from 3km away

    A Canadian Military sniper in Iraq has killed an ISIS fighter from roughly 3km away, setting a new world record in the process.
  16. TDK

    Happy Father's Day!

    I'd like to take a moment to wish all of the father's out there a happy Father's Day!
  17. TDK


    I was wondering how often 'official' auctions are posted? Is it usually a once-a-month thing, or are we treated to several a month?
  18. TDK

    Flood Control

    I'm sure we've all come across forums that enforce some sort of flood control, so I have a few questions I would like to ask everyone here on FP. What are your thoughts on flood control? Are you a fan? Do you think it's necessary on most forums? Does it turn you off from posting if you...
  19. TDK

    Black Panther

    Here's the new trailer!!!
  20. TDK

    WeTheGamers - 15,000 Posts & 6 New Themes!

    I'm very excited to announce that we've reached the 15,000 post milestone over on WeTheGamers just this evening! To celebrate the milestone - and just in time for E3 - we've activated 6 additional themes for the community to enjoy, all of which are closely or directly linked with video games...