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    Free Shrugs, love me please. This looks like spam :(

    Lol I got it :laughing: now I can last another month and next salary I can get a laptop Thats great! Hve you got much planned for the weekend
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    New here

    Hello Welcome to FP!
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    Greetings everyone

    That’s great!
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    Hello I’m Buckfast

    Hello There thank you!
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    Should junk food be banned from public schools?

    definitely not the worst thing that ever happened was banning turkey twizzlers.
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    All the money you need.

    Yeah i would invest more and into a few business.
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    How is the Weather?

    Very icey again this morning i can see it turning out to be a nice day again.
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    That you don’t drink caffeine from tea or coffee.
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    Ohh that’s interesting
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    Ask this human anything!

    Don’t we all, worth it in the end tho.
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    Tech Land

    I have been looking through the site it seems you have some work ahead of you with the theme and such, I would suggest getting domain and hosting!
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    Free Shrugs, love me please. This looks like spam :(

    That sucks I hope it lasts untill you are paid!
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    Share Your News

    True haha, till next year...
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    Ask Aaron

    Do you prefer soft drinks to water?
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    Hello I’m Buckfast

    Enjoying my stay here so far!
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    What song are you listening to?

    Wow by post malone
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    Do You Use Any Other Search Engine Other Than Google?

    We seem to have the same approach with bing!
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    I have never read the books watched all the movies tho, Welcome!
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    CodeForum has a new logo!

    Nice logos! The black background one looks nice as the writing is more standard, if you could fix the gloss on the green one that would go amazing live!
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    Hello there nice to meet you