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    Forum Theme Designs Ruin Online Communities

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    How to Properly Sell VIP Memberships on Your Website

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    Free Premium Icons For Your Website

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    Connected Forums

    I have always had this idea in my head that something drastic must be done to make forums more popular, or at least bring them closer to where they were throughout the 90s and early 2000's. The idea I have essentially would allow forums to connect to each other, sharing members and even threads...
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    What to Expect as a Website Administrator & Creator

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    Does your resume include your online responsibilities?

    Hi all, I'm just wondering if any of you include some of your online jobs/roles/activities in your resumes for work. There have been stories of people even discussing their World of Warcraft leadership skills in job interviews, and I personally have brought up that I have created and moderated...
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    Should Forum Administrators Use Multiple Accounts to Boost Activity?

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    10 Quick Tips For Growing Your Forum Community

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    Stop Hiding Your Website From Family & Friends

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    5 PHP Skills to Create Custom Websites & Plugins

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    Even giant companies have security flaws

    I have not recently tried to replicate the bug I am about to disclose, but I experienced a security flaw on a major website a few days ago. It's not the biggest bug, but also not the smallest either. I want to mention it here because it doesn't actually compromise any accounts or personal...
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    I have never been so proud of myself

    Well, we all know that there are form builders, content management systems, and similar codebases that allow you to manage a diverse number of content types. There's systems for products, people/staff/customer management, etc. However, I wanted to create something different. So, I went ahead and...
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    [Tutorial] Drawing With Python (pyautogui)

    Hey all, today I will be showing you how to draw a perfect rectangle in Paint (or any drawing app/program) with Python! We will be using 'pyautogui' which allows Python (testing using Python 3.x+) to click, drag the mouse, and type text! You can use this module to automate a lot of things...
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    What caused a spike in site traffic?

    I remember posting on Reddit a lot when I had an art website ( - I sold it and now it's defunct) and receiving large amounts of traffic (20,000-80,000 unique visits) whenever one of my posts got popular. However, I have also gotten lots of visits from YouTube descriptions although not...
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    What is stopping you from learning?

    I had a lot of hesitations about learning to code or master a new skill when I was younger, but only because I thought it would be too difficult. Once I learned PHP I started trying to learn 1-2 new languages per year. So, what is your reason for not learning a new language or your first one ?
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    5 Forum Software Alternatives in 2019

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    “Dreaded Upgrades” in Online Software

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    Why Your Website Needs Social Plugins in 2019

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    What is your favorite free graphics editing software / app ?

    I'm interesting in hearing what apps or software everyone uses. Personally I stick to Adobe, but I have used free software in the past as well. GIMP is great & also the site Pixlr or something like that is one I have tried in the past. I'm keen for recommendations :)