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  1. SolviturC

    SCRP has hit...

    Today we got our 50th valid member. Meaning, we have more sign-ups, but those didn't complete the registration process. We also hit over 1200 messages in 187 threads!
  2. SolviturC

    Completed Package request

    Site URL: Package: Emerald Total posts on your forum: 496 Packager Preferences: None Area Preferences: Post anywhere except The Arcade (gaming area). If necessary, go ahead of course. Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: No Extra Notes: None
  3. SolviturC

    Free Modlet wanted

    SCRP (link in sig) is looking for a new staff member. To start off, you'll be a moderator but it's possible to climb up to an admin in the long run. In either case, it'll be on a volunteer bases. About SCRP SCRP is first and foremost a roleplay site, but we have areas to share solo writing and...
  4. SolviturC

    SCRP is accepting affiliates

    Title says most of it. SCRP is an roleplay site, with other areas to post writing, ask for help, play games and be all-round awesome. Affiliates will get a button in our footer. We want something similar in return. Other requests on your end are negotiable We prefer to affiliate with sites...
  5. SolviturC

    SCRP Exchanges

    Forum Link: About us: SCRP is a roleplaying site, with other various sections to share art and writing. We offer feedback if requested, as well as helpful writing tips and tools. Your name on the board: Robyn Exchange Details: I will do 1/1, 5/5,10/10, or...
  6. SolviturC

    Give It Your Best

    Ok, I love these AMA threads. Feel free to shoot anything my way. You may not get an answer, but hey, nothing ventured nothing gained right? Tip: puppies, kittens and cookies may get you very far
  7. SolviturC

    Solvitur Charta - a multigenre rp/writing site

    Site Name: Solvitur Charta URL: Type: Forum Site Info: SCRP is a welcoming forum with a focus on play by post roleplaying. However, we have other areas to improve your writing, including but not limited too a Critique Section and various help sections. Here...
  8. SolviturC

    A Wild Solvitur appeared!

    Heya guys! Glad I found you people. I hope we can get to know each other better. I suck at introductions if you didn't realize that already from that "wonderful" opening line but here it goes; I'm a lady in her twenties that has a business degree but prefers to work at the supermarket. Though...