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    Hello Everyone

    Hey guys how are you all doing? Just wanted to drop by and re introduce myself. I have been inactive for a very long time so i felt the need to do this as to let people know I am new in a way anyway a little about myself. My name is Travis, and I am 19 years old I had a very successful forum...
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    Posting competiton ... 464#pid464 We have our very first competition be sure to join in for a chance to win.
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    Trading all domains

    I have a lot of domains i am trying to get rid of. They are registered between Godaddy and Namecheap. Now these domains are absolutely free. Free!! No way whats the catch? All you have to do is message me here or on my forum With the domain you want saying that you are...
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    This is a theme i am designing for a project i am thinking of starting sometime what do you guys think? It is in development on Photoshop and is nowhere near completion
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    Travis's posting service [fp] and [paypal]

    Travis's posting service I am starting my own posting service. I am new to this so the first 3 people that order this service by replying to this topic or messaging me will receive the mini package for free. Thats right free the only thing i ask for in return is that you write me a small 1-2...
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    Looking for signature advertising

    As the title suggests i am looking for people to advertise my forum in there signature. Pay is fp and is weekly 50 fp For my link to be in your signature bolded 150 fp For my advertising banner 468 by 60 to be displayed in your signature for a week. I would like for the...
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    Amc Tv Forums vs?

    Site Name: Amc Tv Forums Genre of Site: Amc Television Link to Site: Extra Notes (Optional):
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    4 domains for sale Wed 12/12/2012 Thu 12/12/2013 Asking Price 7 dollars or 900fp Wed 09/11/2013 Thu 09/11/2014 Asking price is bundled with Wed 09/11/2013 Thu 09/11/2014 Asking price 16 dollars or...
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    Need one moderator

    Forum Name: Amc Tv Forums Positions Available: Moderator As the title says i am looking for one moderator for my forum Now i know a lot of you are going to say i dont need staff right now but to be honest i do i have a job that requires me to work all day...
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    Amc Tv Forums

    Site Name: Amc Tv Forums URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forums Category: Entertainment and media Description: Amc Televison Forums We are a new forum that discusses some of Amc's greatest television shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad...
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    Contest has started

    Contest started here are the details. ... d=65#pid65
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    Need a banner

    Type of Graphic: Advertising banner Size in pixels: 468 x 60 Type of payment: Fp Link to forum or screenshot: Colour scheme: Id like it to match my theme with a family guy feel Text / Subtext on image: The...
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    Nu package please

    Site URL: Package (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Sigma/Delta/Nu/Theta/Omega): Nu Date your site started: 9/11/13 Total Posts: 5 Extra Notes: Please make sure your topic is informative enough people can respond to it.
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    The Family guy forums

    Site Name: The Family guy forums URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: Entertainment Description: We are a fan site based around the TV show Family guy.
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    Very good domain for sale

    I own the domain This is a very good domain because Amc tv is huge all there shows are popular i dont really care to start a forum with it so im selling it all offers accepted fp and cash The domain was purchased through godaddy
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    New Laptop

    Im in the market for a new laptop so i can stop using my crappy desktop what do you guys think about this one? ... 6402688%26 Im trying not to spend more then 500 but i dont wanna get anything crappy so let me know if you have any suggestions. Also if i...
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    Name of Site: Foreverminecraft Site URL: Type of Review ( Pre-Launch/Basic/Sectional/In-Depth ): Pre launch If Sectional Section: I dont know what this means Demo Account for Reviewer (Forums Only): Not providing one everything you need is viewable Opening...
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    Wanna win something for free.

    Win your very own FREE Minecraft account on Forever Minecraft! Click here to view the thread!
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    Looking for a logo

    I need a logo ill pay in fp maybe 100fp for the best logo i get id love one from kik but others are welcome to try i need it to be ufc themed and it needs to match the header of this theme. Id also love if the size of the logo when i add it to the...
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    Header help? I am trying to make my header like that but i can figure out how to change the text size or color?