1. Nerdface

    [Suspended] Nerdface - Post exchange

    Offer temporarily suspended due to a lack of spare time. The exchanges below shall remain active. Active exchanges 1.) @JoyFreak - Active/Active 2.) @Ash - 10/10 Weekly 3.) @TopSilver - Active/Active
  2. Fadrif

    Hello! I'm new. I have a few questions inside

    Good morning! My name is Noah. I have a few questions relating to the site. How do you private message someone? When you comment on posts, does the site alert you if there's another comment added? How is promotion generally treated here? I hope you have an amazing day! Noah
  3. Daniel James

    Comment for as many posts as you like!

    Currently accepting offers. Hi, I'm on a phone right now so apologies for any poor post formatting. I'm after some blog comments and in return I'll post on your forum. I'll only post on forums I can contribute to. Any special categories I'll have to give a miss. The deal... Make one comment...
  4. D

    Subscribe, Comment and Like = 50FP$

    How to get 50FP$: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Like and comment on this video. Reply to this topic with proof of it and I will send the FP$ :)