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Madly Diligent
Dec 11, 2014

Forum Promotion's 2017 Site Battle Madness
Entry Round

Hello, Forum Promotion!

I'm very excited that we're able to bring back the Site Battle Madness Tournament for its fourth straight year. This is now our longest running mega-contest! This contest is always a blast for everyone, and this year will not be any different! This year, the tournament will be bigger and better than ever before; we're offering prizes to everyone who participates; even to people who don't submit websites! I highly recommend that everyone participate, as everyone wins a prize this year! If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this topic or send me a Private Message.

All entries MUST be submitted through PM to @John before March 13th at 5 P.M. EST. Best of luck to everyone who competes!

Tournament Overview:

How does this work?
Members enter the tournament by submitting the below form to @John via PM. Once March 13th hits, I will randomly generate a bracket to use for the remainder of the contest. After the bracket is generated, the tournament will start! All battles will range from 2-7 days (the time is dependent on the round). In the case of a tie, a panel of unidentified staff members (who will have absolutely no connection to either of the forums or websites) will vote to determine the winner. The more battles you win, the better your prizes will become!

What are the prizes?
Prizes are awarded accordingly to your placement (if you win or lose). Since we do not know how many websites/forums will be entering, we cannot present a set-in-stone prize example. However, here is a rough estimate of placement winnings. The bottom line is this: the more battles you win, the better your prizes will become.
  • 1st Place
    • $50 PayPal
    • 1000 FP$
    • Two Month Sticky PD Topic
    • Free CoTM Advertisement Space
    • Free Ultimate Review
    • 2 Free Ruby Packages
    • 3 Free Service Passes

    2nd Place
    • $25 PayPal
    • 500 FP$
    • One Month Sticky PD Topic
    • Free Billboard Auction Advertisement Space
    • Free Advanced Review
    • 1 Free Ruby Package

    Final Four
    • $10 PayPal
    • 200 FP$
    • 1 Free Service Pass

    Elite Eight
    • 100 FP$
    • One free Emerald Package
    • 50% Off Service Coupon

    Everyone Else
    • 50% Off Service Coupon

    "Best" Battle
    • Free Forum Sponsor Group prize for six (6) months.
    • Awarded to the users who are "saved", by having the most votes while losing a battle.

    What are the rules in this tournament?
    • Certain Site Battle rules do not apply to Site Battle Madness. Members do not need to give a reason why they voted a particular way, nor do they need to publicly declare who they voted for. Both of these are optional, at voter's discretion.
    • To submit your website to the Site Battle Madness Tournament you must follow these rules:
      • You must have at least 10 posts on Forum Promotion.
      • Your website must be older than one week (no beta/testing websites).
      • You must be staff on the website that you're submitting.
      • Guests must be able to view your website without logging into an account.
      • All of the content on your website must follow our Board-Wide Guidelines and Acceptable Content Policy.
    • You MAY ask members of your community to vote for you; in fact, this is encouraged.
    • You may NOT create multiple accounts or pay other to create multiple accounts for you. If you or your members create duplicate accounts to vote in SBM, they will face a disqualification from the tournament and further moderation action.
    • All members MUST have 10 posts before voting in a poll. If your website continuously refers members here who do not follow our Board-Wide Guidelines, your forum will risk disqualification from the tournament.

What's new this year?
  • Last year we had the "Save Round." By popular demand, this is back. Whichever website receives the most votes BEFORE the Final Four vote will be brought back into the tournament for a 48-hour battle.
  • Working off some things that we did last year, the Gambling Round is back. As with the Save Round, this is 48 hours. All members will be able to wage a winner-take-all bet; however, some of the rules will be redone in an attempt to make gambling as fair as possible!

How many websites can I enter?
You may only enter three (3) websites. To keep this tournament as fair as possible, we prefer to have it run with 32 or 64 websites in it (unless otherwise decided later on). Since we do not know how many websites will be submitted, please mark your websites as "Site 1", "Site 2", and "Site 3" to ensure we know which of your websites should have the highest priority in getting into the tournament. If we have any unfilled spaces in our bracket, the extra spaces will be on a first come, first serve basis in order of who submitted first.

Important: If you submit multiple websites, there's a chance that they'll unavoidably battle each other. In this case, only one of the websites can emerge victorious.

Entry Form:

Please submit all entries to @John through the FP PM system.
[b][u][size=150]Entry Form[/b]:[/size][/u]
[b]FP Display Name[/b]:
[b]Number of Sites Submitting[/b]:
[size=50](REMINDER: When entering sites, remember that you are not guaranteed more than one site in the battles. Therefore, if you enter more than one site, please mark your "Site #1" in the entry form as the site that you want to compete the most, "Site #2" as the one you want to compete the second most, and "Site #3" as the third most. Best of luck, and may the odds be forever in your favor!)[/size]

[b][i][size=110]- Site #1 - [/size][/i]
Site Name[/b]:
[b]Site Link[/b]:

[b][i][size=110]- Site #2 - [/size][/i]
Site Name[/b]:
[b]Site Link[/b]:

[b][i][size=110]- Site #3 - [/size][/i]
Site Name[/b]:
[b]Site Link[/b]:
Deadline: March 13th, 5 P.M EST

Best of luck to everyone!



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Jun 4, 2013
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Good luck everyone.
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Madly Diligent
Dec 11, 2014
Spaces are filling up fast! We only have a few spots left for a 32 site tournament. If you're interested in entering, I ask that you please send me a PM today.

To everyone who's already entered - thank you! I look forward to seeing who's able to win this year. :)
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