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About Us We are a group of like minded gamer's, just like you. We are an modding community of the GTA and ETS2 series. We promise to provide the very best resources, Information on the best forum, and provide an awesome community for any gamers to utilise. We are also working with leading Awesome Game Design companies to bring exclusive reviews, games and servers to the community.
Your name on the board: Empire

Exchange Details: I'm offering a range of exchanges, if you guys do have blogs or articles then we can definitely exchange (details below), if not then feel free to make an deal if you want to post or comment Reviews and Articles.

Posts Exchange

Topic Exchange

Reviews/Articles Exchange
1/1 Articles
2/2 comments on Articles

Advertising is not allowed, Once you have replied to say you are going to do it then please complete your side of the exchange. Please Customize your profile by uploading a avatar, plus feel free to post an introduction :cheer:

I think that I have covered it all :happy:
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CM30 said:
Want to do a 10/10 post exchange with I can sign up and make the posts on your site soon.
Yes :cool: I'll start my part soon, please customize your profile
Tunechi said:
Want to do a 5/5 or a 10/10 post exchange with my forum?
It's up-to-you :cool: I'll start with my 5/5 for now. I start after I have done CM30 :cool:

Edit, My part is done
Maestro said:
I have completed 10 Posts, I will also be an active member when I have time to get on.
:great: I'm doing my part as I type, be done soon

Naiwen said:
I'll do it very soon.
:great: our deal is done, hop to exchange again

Minecraft News said:
Would you like to do a 3/3 thread exchange with 5/5 post exchange?
Happy with the 5/5 exchange deal :cool:

Roguevial said:
just an fyi, your site scrolls sort of laggy. :X
I had no problems or from other members, let be now if it gets worse
Roguevial said:
Yup, still lagging. Only on the forum page though. Maybe you have too many scripts or something going on? Scrolling performance is laggy...

This is coming from someone who has an nvidia geforce 770ti and 3.4 gz cpu
Running good at my end, And I'm running Intel Core 2 duo CPU, 8GB memory. I do more texting