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BaysideGamers - Community For Any Gamers To Utilize.

Site Name: Bayside Gamers
URL: www.baysidegamers.com
Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum & Blog
Category: Gaming, Technology & discussions
Description: So what can we tell you about ourselves? We are a group of like minded gamer's, just like you. We are an modding community of the GTA and ETS2 series. We promise to provide the very best resources, Information on the best forum, and provide an awesome community for any gamers to utilize. We are also working with leading Awesome Game Design companies to bring exclusive reviews, games and servers to the community.


Bayside gamers have many great gallery and download apps, it's clean, well organised and can add many more options into the database. We added fields, a revamped layout for actual download pages and the ability to link mods together. We hope that the downloads section is a big improvement for everyone compared to before, to our team is most certainly is. The Gallery is the place for any member to upload their gaming images and to share their great editing work that they have created for the games they love to play. The Gallery can also help display modifications that you guys are working on, or that may of been created. We have added many sections for any random game you may play (since we are more than just focusing on GTA). Regarding the download section, at the moment we only have GTA available because we are still creating all of the other fields for other games. We did this once again to try and get the website open to the public as soon as possible. With time to come, we will soon have more categories set for all of the games you know and love. If you have any ideas as to which games you would like categories for, please let us know and we will do our best to add the category for you so that everyone else is able to enjoy your modification as well. Keep in mind that that we will be adding (in details) the rules for the gallery and download section in the near future. We added an new system to Bayside Gamers.

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Update: We the staff are working on some improvements and working to bring new things. Also We needed an New unique outstanding logo And guys!! check out our competition

So as from today we have

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I have joined, and find the website is nice looking and very informative with regards to gaming, as a gamer myself i am interested to see how you grow and hopefully be a part of your growth in gaming forums :)
Thanks for your liking and support :)

I try hard to get things rolling with cool things, However it's hard for as the team to get active members and new users. We also have Discord :) join here https://discordapp.com/invite/BZpWjjN and get together :)
Bayside has an very new theme that hasn't been released to the public as it's still in beta. I have the pleasure to test it out for the designer :) it's made for gaming websites and it has allot of options on different heading layouts from full width to an box affect.

I'm still adding some little touches to the theme and keep in mine that the theme is still buggy and it be some weeks away before it's released.

It's named behemoth theme www.baysidegamers.com PS: Just heard from the designer that he wants me to upload another