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Got your eye on a brand new game? Or some cool shoes on the Nike website? It's not always easy to put some money aside for a few luxuries. But what if you could make some extra side-income for those luxuries? I hope that this guide can help users with finding some great online money makers which vary from survey sites to task sites. I will update the thread regularly with my monthly income from these sites as well to show you how great they are for me.

Please note that I do have referral links in this thread. This helps me gain a small commision for referring you to the site. However, my views are not biased due to this. I genuinely use all these sites daily to make money online :) .

If you want to earn some passive income, make sure to have a look at my Referral Cashback Program. This will reward you with money for using my referral links below and earning money on the site.

Survey Sites
  • PrizeRebel - My first regular money maker, PrizeRebel has always been reliable and a huge money maker for me. By completing surveys, I regularly make around $5-10 a day from this site. You should focus on completing surveys from YourSurveys. This provider pays well and you usually won't have issues with being screened out or not getting paid. (Click here to join PrizeRebel)
  • TwitchFollows - A great and extremely easy money maker. All you have to do is follow streamers and view streams on Twitch. You earn money for each task that you complete (viewing is literally opening a page for 2 seconds and closing it). (Click here to join TwitchFollows)
  • Swagbucks - Similar to PrizeRebel, I use this site regularly and by completing surveys I can earn cash either via PayPal or giftcards every few days. You won't make much per day but you will be able to make around $5-10 every couple of days. This is due to the site not always having high paying surveys every day. (Click here to join Swagbucks)
  • Grab Points - Same as PrizeRebel. I complete a few surveys from various providers a day to make around $5-10 a day. Payments available via PayPal and giftcards. (Click here to join Grab Points)
  • Prolific - A really fun "survey" site. Prolific provides studies to you which you can complete for university researchers. They are usually high paying and you will never encounter any issues with being screened out. That is because all surveys are sent when they know you are eligible! Payments available by PayPal or Circle to your bank account. (Click here to join Prolific)
  • Branded Surveys - Another good survey site although I don't use it as frequently as other sites. Points awarded if you're screened out and usually high paying if you are eligible. Payments available by PayPal. I usually average around £10 every two weeks but that's mainly because I only do a survey every couple of days. (Click here to join Branded Surveys)
Task Sites
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Paid to Post Forums
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  • 1Q - A unique site that will send text messages or app notifications when a question is available. Users are able to earn $0.25 PER question answered and usually it only takes 2 seconds per question (they are always multiple choice questions). Payments are made instantly to your PayPal account. You can also earn $0.25 instantly for referring users (no requirements). (Click here to join 1Q)
  • SliceThePie - Earn money for reviewing commercials, music and ads. Extremely easy and doesn't take that long. Payments made via PayPal. (Click here to join SliceThePie)
Lifetime Earnings
I know that it's not always easy to just read someone's post and join a site blindly. So I have included my lifetime earnings from all sites below including some screenshots of my payments. If a site from the above list is missing below, it's because I'm lazy and still calculating my total earnings from that site :D. If a time period is missing below, it's because I can't figure out when I joined the site.
  1. PrizeRebel - $555 (May 3 2018 - 31 Dec 2018) * I didn't use the site for about 2-3 months during that time period as well.
  2. TwitchFollows - $55 (August 20 2018 - 31 Dec 2018)
  3. Swagbucks - £55
  4. Grab Points - $40 (December 7 2018 - 31 Dec 2018) * Again, I didn't use it for a large period of time.
  5. Prolific - £164.77 (April 14 2018 - 31 Dec 2018)
Payment Proof
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Last Updated: 04/Jan/2019
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That's an good amount of earnings but didn't mention regards how many hours a day that you spent on those sites
Not at all a long time. The majority of the time I spend is on both PrizeRebel and Grab Points as those are the big earners per day. I would say I spend around 30-45 minutes between the two sites. The other's are random because it depends on the offers available. For example, TwitchFollows will literally take a few seconds because all you have to do is click a button to earn money.


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Darn, that's not bad.. That's pretty good to able to do even a hour a day on each.
And if try to make it regular, you can earn around 300 a month from just those two sites. Plus spending a few minutes a day on the other sites and you're making around 350 a month. Pretty good for spending on clothes, games and shoes :D